New Patient Experience

A service blueprinting workshop was held with Diamond Ridge Dentistry in order to resolve pain points in their service. I helped facilitate communication among all stakeholders, documented their insights, and established a strong understanding of the service blueprint.



Diamond Ridge Dental,  Jefferson, Missouri USA


Nathan Lucy, Founder and CEO of XWORX, a boutique service design consultancy

Paige Roche, Service Design Intern and SCAD student

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Our initial research started with an in-depth interview with the primary dentist, Nathalie, on their new patient experience. After Nathan and I dissected these insights, we created a rough blueprint, journey map, and persona for our service provider. 


While mapping insights ranging from dentist to hygienist to patient, we organized common problems and tailored the service blueprint to fit their structure. We identified each touch point involved with each action in the service. From there, Nathan and I organized the new patient experience into six sections of the service. 




Following the introduction of the blueprint, individual members of the team discussed new patient onboarding stories and their respective concerns. From there, we asked each member to identify three main pain points by way of a red dot sticker placed upon the actions.

Problems + Solutions

  • New Patient Process Frustrating and Draining

    • With three to five different employees interacting with each new patient from x-rays to payment plans, rapport suffered and frustration mounted. Our solution? What if the billing specialist (Sandi) introduced herself at the beginning? Each new patient would be walked to the exam room with Sandi, building rapport along the way and saving dental assistants' time.

  • Client Ease

    • Diagnostic responsibilities are shared between hygienists and dentists; however, through this workshop we pinpointed that patients are more "comfortable" with a dentist's diagnosis, despite hygienists having the same training to diagnose certain conditions. Our solution? We changed the sequence. Now the dentist consultation comes first, diagnosing as needed, followed by a visit with the hygienist.


Fortunately, Diamond Ridge Dental had an existing and positive culture of communication from which we leveraged insight to action. During the post workshop phone call with practice owner and dentist, Nathalie, we discussed the steps needed for successful implementation and were pleased to discover a cohesive understanding  within the practice of the new tool.

Output: Service Blueprint