Through this project, we empowered young entrepreneurship by analyzing their businesses and
offering service design support for economic growth in their community.


The city of Batan,

a gateway to the backland favelas of Rio de Janeiro, has a strong sense of heart and pride. Project Resound partnered with Agência, a networking agency that sponsors the local youth and orchestrates the creation of ideas that transform life and territory. In light of funding losses and government transitions, Project Resound was established to help these young entrepreneurs receive funding in new, strategic ways. 

…find the silver lining in every cloud. Setbacks aren’t problems, they’re opportunities.
— Tom Kelley

Four young entrepreneurs, Junior Sant'ana, Cassiane Santos, Rowena Valença, and Aline Copelli are the creators of Notas Viajantes (traveling notes) and they use the power of storytelling through video and music to convey inspiring messages.



To assist Notas Viajantes in co-creating innovative solutions to their strategic problems.


Framed Strategic Questions

1. How can we help Notas Viajantes create strong community support through word of mouth, physical and digital channels?

2. How can we help Notas Viajantes strategically market themselves so that they gain recognition within the film industry that leads to outside sponsorship and funding?


Contextual Research

The service design team conducted ethnographic reserach in order to fully grasp the context. Insights were drawn from behaviors, environments, and language. The first day was spent getting to know the history of Batan, prominent individuals in the community, and their sacred grounds. These stories and moments were shared and relationships were developing.




Icebreakers and gamestorming activities were held to bridge everyone together. Teamwork is necessary when working toward a common vision. As service designers, we wanted to establish a trust and transparency with our clients in order to effectively co-create.  



By mapping and evaluating all touch points in their existing services, we were able to better understand their user’s expectations. We used the business model canvas to analyze existing value propositions, infrastructure, customers, and finances. Overall, we developed business strategies to increase profit. 


  • Serve and empower others

  • Encourage cross-cultural exchange &
    multi-disciplinary collaboration

  • Inspire an atmosphere of teamwork, fun and friendship

  • Prove that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary thing